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LAST SONG FOR VENUS new video out now!

Here you have our last video Last Song For Venus, entirely produced and directed by Ankor, we hope you enjoy it as much as us and that you help us sharing it! THANK YOU! ——————————— Aquí tenéis nuestro último vídeo Last Song For Venus, totalmente producido y dirigido por Ankor,… [read more]


BARCELONA & MADRID here we go!

BARCELONA: Que placer nos da volver a Barcelona, una de nuestras ciudades favoritas de todo el mundo! ESTE VIERNES día 28 tiraremos abajo la sala Bóveda junto a dos enormes bandas con chica al frente, Cloverace y Ghost Trip, no os perdáis esta noche memorable! ENTRADAS: EVENTO: Apertura… [read more]

Awesome night at home

After a few concerts away from home (all amazing, as you know), yesterday we felt the love of our closest people, adding a lot of new faces that we saw smiling, surprised, enjoying and even crying. We have no words for yesterday night, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR… [read more]


Roots. For us the three biggest roots for Ankor are based on 3 words: humility, constancy and devotion. You’ll never be above or be better than anyone else. If you dedicate 24 hours a day to achieve what you propose, but you do it once a month, you won’t make… [read more]


Friends around the world: THIS IS MURCIA. AWESOME night surrounded by friends, we’ll come back soon for sure!! Next Stop, Zaragoza 14 NOV, Reus 15 NOV, see you there!