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AWESOME surprise for us today when we’ve bought the magazine “La Heavy” and we’ve seen that ANKOR is the best new band in 2013 in the most renowned Rock awards in Spain. Since childs with these amazing posters in our rooms and now we are in it. AMAZING!! —————————- Grandísima… [read more]

Amazing review of LSFV 10 out of 10!

We are still in shock with this review… Sorry that many of our fans don’t speak Spanish, being that it’s a delight to read. “…great geniuses of Rock”, “At Last Rest is a masterpiece, goes beyond his clear influence, A Little Piece Of Heaven”, “Ankor is the big bet by… [read more]

New video uploaded!

Third and last Studio Report of Last Song For Venus with horses, violins, evil elfs, Rosa singin and lots of laughs check it out!! CLICK HERE